Modern timber house

PolarHouse’s modern timber cladding is created with its own robust 28 × 195 mm YUW profile, with a refined surface that holds paint very well. A special nailing technique is also used that makes the corrosion-prone nail heads invisible.

The finishing touches are provided thanks to graceful casings and sturdier corner planks.

There is the option of either log panel or gypsum board for interior cladding.

Modern timber cladding

graceful corner mouldings, 20 x 70-90 mm, refined
exterior cladding UYW spaced boarding, 28 × 195 mm, refined
ventilation gap, 22 mm
windbreak board, 12 mm (continuous in the corner area)
thermal insulation in private homes 45 + 175/198 mm (+ insulation min. wool, total 220 mm/Ekovilla, total 250 mm) or in holiday homes, 175 mm; also corner insulation mounted in the factory
vapour or air barrier
interior cladding log panel, 21 or 28 mm (gypsum board as option)